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IBPP Research Associates: Afghanistan


This article - Iran Asks World to Pressure Taliban for Ending War - comes from the Afghan Online Press (AOP) at http://www.afghan-web.com/aop [In 2020: http://www.aopnews.com/]. It discusses Iran's request of the international community to pressure the Taliban to end its war in Afghanistan, noting the refugee crisis in Iran.

Of note: The source of AOP could not be discerned by IBPP in an online search.

IBPP Commentary. An online story is especially susceptible to multiple attempts at perception management. A reader must engage in multiple deliberations as to the story's veracity--content, overt source, and any covert sources--and as to the intentions of multiple sources. However, the deliberations are no different than with other stories throughout history

Regarding the original article, please contact the Afghan Online Press at: http://www.aopnews.com/about/