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IBPP Research Associates: Kenya


Michael Chege


The article - How Moi makes a fool of IMF: Corruption in Kenya has gone into overdrive - was written by Michael Chege, and was recently posted online at Africanews.com (http://www.africanews.com/) in 1999. Dr. Michael Chege, a Kenyan, is Director, Center for African Studies, University of Florida. This article first appeared in a recent Issue of "Africa Analise."

The author discusses economic reforms and renewed growth in Africa and the decade-long on-and-off dalliance between the IMF and the Daniel arap Moi government in Kenya.

IBPP Comment. The parallels to Issues between the IMF and Russia seem extraordinary. Opponents of how the IMF does business in Russia might well look to Kenya and yet other nation-states for analytic and operational shortfalls characteristic of the IMF infrastructure.

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