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IBPP Research Associates: Uganda


This article - Sudan Chemical Bomb Attacks Worry Uganda by a staff writer of Uganda's The New Vision - was originally published online in the August 4th issue of that publication. The article may be viewed in part at http://allafrica.com/stories/199908040098.html. The full article resides in the AllAfrica archive, and it may be accessed via an AllAfrica subscription (http://allafrica.com/misc/info/subscribe.html).

In the article, the author discusses chemical and/or biological weapons attacks by the Sudanese military in active conflicts at or near the Uganda-Sudan border as well as in northern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Ugandan government expressed concern for both its own citizens as well as the combatants. UN involvement was also discussed in the article.

IBPP provided this comment: Reports of alleged Sudanese Government use of CW or BW agents--as with most reports of CW/BW use--are often very difficult to assess. The political conflicts between the Sudanese Government and Uganda, the Sudanese Government and the SPLA, and Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo among others render all participant-observer sources of suspect credibility. As well, some symptoms reported by alleged CW or BW victims may be as likely to occur as so-called hysterical, stress, or nonspecific factors. Moreover, the geographical areas of alleged use are difficult to safely enter and remain long enough to assess data. These difficulties facilitate the choice to use CW/BW and/or to accuse others of doing so.