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IBPP Research Associates: Ethiopia


This article - Govt. Responds to Corruption by Formulating New Employee Guidelines by a staff reporter for the Addis Tribune (Addis Ababa) - was originally published online in mid-1999. The article discusses the Ethiopian government's response to corruption - by formulating new employee guidelines, conducting a workshop, and encouraging public participation and support.

The article may be found in part online at https://allafrica.com/stories/199908060115.html. The full article resides in the AllAfrica archive, and it may be accessed via an AllAfrica subscription (https://allafrica.com/misc/info/subscribe/).

IBPP Comment. Although the ongoing "big" Ethiopian story promulgated by the international mass media has involved the Ethiopian-Eritrean war, the Addis Tribune story on fighting corruption is noteworthy for it demonstrates an approach that is common throughout the world both in its substance and its likely ineffectiveness.