The article involves fragments of the English language version of the constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic- -in force since November 27, 1995. The full version of the document is currently available at https://en.president.az/azerbaijan/constitution.

The following articles from the Azerbaijani constitution are listed, complete with text from the document:

  • Article 72. Principal Obligations of Citizens.
  • Article 73. Taxes and other State Duties.
  • Article 74. Loyalty to Homeland.
  • Article 75. Respect For State Symbols.
  • Article 76. Defense of Homeland.
  • Article 77. Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments.
  • Article 78. Environmental Protection.
  • Article 79. Prohibition to Execute Responsibilities Contradicting The Law.
  • Article 80. Answerability.

IBPP then provides commentary, including reflections on Confucianism's relevance to modern constitutions.