In the modern era, several new technologies are being developed for the most convenient and easy usage of materials. Due to its effortless and quick usage properties, 3D printing technology has a vast application range nowadays in different fields. The application of 3D printing technology in the aerospace industry has been developed in the past few decades, but now it has been enhanced to a new level. 3D printing technology now has several applications in the aeronautical and space sectors. Soon, 3D printing technology will be used for building habitations on other planets and for the printing of spacecraft and satellite parts directly in space. Currently, several components of aircraft and spacecraft are manufactured using 3D printers. 3D printing technology can be used to print components using all the filament materials. The main advantage of 3D printing technology is the low-cost creation of components ranging from simple to complex designs. Because of its ability to print any small-to-large complex designs, this technology is currently primarily used in the research sector. The review article aims to give an overview of 3D printing technologies and their current and futuristic uses in the aerospace industry. The types of 3D printers and their extruder nozzles are discussed in detail. The advantages and limitations of 3D printing technology as well as their application are presented. Filament materials and components along with their properties are discussed, especially those developed for aerospace industry applications. This review article mainly shows 3D printing technology as one of the core technologies for the aerospace industry.


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