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This paper addressed differences in the way air cargo handlers are trained in the military and civilian sectors. The paper reviewed the training process and determined which provided the most knowledgeable graduates. A brief review of the history of hazardous material accidents and incidents was presented to demonstrate the need for continuous and effective training. The main body of the paper addressed current directives and the current status of the industry. The researchers collected information from military and civilians who were actively involved in the air transportation of hazardous materials. These data were then used to test specific hypotheses concerning which group was more knowledgeable and therefore, received the best training. The researchers found that there were generally no occurrences in the overall knowledge level of the military and civilians tested concerning the air transport of hazardous materials. However, there were statistically significant differences found between the two different kinds of civilian carriers. There were also significant differences between military and civilian HAZMAT specialists when the individual's number of years of experience was taken into consideration.



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