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Unlike traditional academic disciplines that have existed since the inception of the modem university, collegiate aviation has encountered active challenges that are inherently unique. One significant challenge for university aviation search committees is to hire potential faculty member candidates that have a combination of advanced academic credentials (i.e., the doctorate) in addition to a strong aviation related employment history. Several formidable barriers present challenges in attracting candidates with industry experience into university aviation programs. For example, individuals currently employed in the aviation industry do not typically have a doctorate. Mid to high level aviation managers or professional pilots may be accustomed to making an income that can easily approach or even exceed $100,000 in the industry whereas university aviation faculty positions typically do not offer competitive salaries that effectively attract industry professionals as viable candidates. Furthermore, a master's degree educated aviation industry professional who would otherwise consider a career change to university aviation may not be particularly thrilled with the expectation to engage in research and obtain a doctoral degree for promotion and tenure considerations that ultimately leads to long term employment.



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