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Steve V. Dedmon






Just to clarify my position from the beginning, this is a great book. However, to avoid the very appearance of impropriety I must disclose Robert M. Jarvis was my faculty advisor as a 1L while attending Nova southeastern University in 1995. I remember our initial meeting over a pizza lunch during which he solicited comments concerning our law school experience up to that point. I do not remember my answer but I believe it included some disdain for the law school educational process and probably the professors. Additionally, his wife was a guest lecturer for an international business class I took during the summer of my first year in conjunction with a study abroad program hosted by the law school. Having dealt with the reasons for any prejudicial treatment on my part, I still think it is a great book! It includes a seven page table of contents, a five page table of cases section, 676 pages of text and notes, followed by thirty appendixes (259 pages) and a five page index. The case book is supplemented by a ninety page Teacher's Manual which provides the user insight into how the cases were selected, edited, and the authors' opinions regarding the emphasis of the law and the legal conclusions drawn by the court. Regarding the last point, Jarvis, Crouse, Fox and Walden (hereafter, authors) take definite positions which I found myself at times agreeing with and at others disagreeing. However, I never felt they intended to imply theirs was the final authority on the matter. The manual also concisely summarized the various topics and helped clarify some of the issues which got lost in the editing process and in some cases supplied additional background information. Additionally, the manual suggests two methods to teach the material and could provide guidance to those new to the subject or teach as adjunct professors.



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