Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research


Kathleen M. Sweet






"Science and technology is key to winning this new kind of war" Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge (Press Release DHS, September 2004). In the United States, the newly created Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as part of the larger Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has assumed overall responsibility for transportation security. The U.S. government has generally relied heavily on strategic partnerships with industry to reach their security goals. Other countries have followed suit. However, the Europeans and the Israeli's have been far less enthusiastic than the Americans in permitting the industry to police itself. Some air cargo security programs outside the U.S. are in the forefront, particularly European Union programs. All of these efforts, regardless of location, face long term transportation security challenges that can seem daunting and sometimes insurmountable. This paper addresses the need to improve and enhance the Air Cargo security program in the U.S. and make it more seamless with international models.



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