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Advances in aircraft design have facilitated to the development of relatively low cost, high performance, light weight jet aircraft known as very light jets (VLJs). The Federal Aviation Administration's prediction of 4,500 VLJs flying by 2016 suggests that this concept may become a major contributing factor for gridlock in the National Airspace System WAS) (Robinson and Planzer, 2005). With this added burden, the need for effective emergency response at general aviation airports will continue to increase. This study investigated the level of emergency response preparedness of small general aviation airports in the state of Indiana that may service very light jets and measured attitudes of airport managers regarding the perceived risks of VLJ operations. Findings suggest that airport managers believe smaller airports are prepared to handle the growth in VLJ traffic and generally are not concerned with increasing the level of emergency response planning. This study concludes with recommendations for emergency enhancements at smaller airports not certified under Part 139.

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