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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Key words

Air Traffic Control (ATC), Collegiate FAR Part 141, Crew Resource Management (CRM), First Officer (FO) Assertiveness, Jeopardy Event, Line Operational Evaluation (LOE), Professional Pilot Education


This article explores the viability of using a FAR Part 141 collegiate crew resource management (CRM) flight simulator scenario event as a jeopardy event (a graded, syllabus item) in an upper-level professional pilot curriculum course. Ultimately, the objective is to suggest this approach as a value-added curriculum consideration for other collegiate professional pilot programs. The selection of four CRM criteria to be examined was made by the course professor. Using the four principles, the students assembled the grading rubric for their event. The simulator scenario placed students in airspace, geography and weather dissimilar to that in which they were training in real aircraft. To add additional realism, PilotEdge™.net, was contracted with to provide live Air Traffic Control (ATC) service. Seventeen “ATC events” representing real-world disruptions were negotiated with PilotEdge™.net, a minimum of one which was to be randomly introduced into each jeopardy event. The student reaction to this jeopardy event was surprisingly positive. Student crews left the event challenged, but importantly not overwhelmed, and more valuably with positive attitudes about what they had just experienced.

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