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Steven Hampton https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1673-0943

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aviation, airplane, civil, commercial, device, effectiveness, flight, military, personal computer-based, pilots, quasi-transfer, research, simulation, simulator, transfer, training, transfer-of-training


This descriptive review aims to identify research gaps in the airplane, simulation transfer of training literature. The research question is: What are the recommendations for future research from the simulation experiments using a true transfer or a quasi-transfer design to study the near or far transfer of airplane flying knowledge, skills, or abilities among adults? The method involves an exhaustive survey of English-language, peer-reviewed publications available online. The results include eight seminal reviews of the aviation literature published since 1973, 26 empirical studies published since 2004, and four general reviews to situate the aviation literature. The primary transfer studies encompass four themes: training proficiency, motion, abnormal events, and control tasks. This review addresses current research needs by presenting summaries and recommendations from the transfer literature, identifying gaps, and proposing an agenda for future research. It serves to inform researchers, practitioners, manufacturers, and regulators in the field of flight simulation training.

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