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A course in Aviation Weather is an integral component of multiple degree programs at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Consequently, the course sustains large enrollments with several faculty teaching it. Efforts to promote a consistent experience for students resulted in primarily PowerPoint-based lectures. This paper describes a set of changes made to the course with the goal of improving students’ engagement, understanding, and retention of the course material that are consistent with effective teaching strategies based on prior research. Specifically, daily quizzes, Poll Everywhere questions, in-class activities, flipped classroom sessions, and assertion-evidence based lectures were introduced. These changes initially were implemented in only a subset of the course sections to test their effectiveness. Direct assessment of the mean scores of common exams across all sections indicated that the students in the experimental group performed significantly better than students in the control group where the aforementioned changes were not implemented. In addition, exam scores significantly improved as the semester progressed. Indirect assessments via responses to custom questions on end-of-course evaluations indicated that these course changes were viewed positively by the students.

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