Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research





Key words

gender issues, self-efficacy, aviation, social cognitive career theory


The purpose of this research was to examine the effect of self-efficacy of male and female students in collegiate flight programs to identify if a relationship exists between self-efficacy responses and gender representation in aviation. Self-efficacy, an element of social cognitive career theory’s (SCCT) behavioral factors, deals with an individual’s belief in his/her capacity to address a certain set of circumstances. No studies have been found addressing self-efficacy of students enrolled in collegiate aviation programs, specifically addressing differences between male and female students. The population for this study consisted of students enrolled in four-year collegiate aviation programs, as found through the University Aviation Association (UAA) membership rosters. The General Self Efficacy Scale (GSES) was distributed to students enrolled in collegiate aviation programs enrolled in various aviation majors. Results from this study compared 145 collegiate aviation students’ self-efficacy responses and personal comments and presented a multi-factor examination of possible influences of gender on self-efficacy for collegiate aviation students. Independent t-test results revealed male and female students had similar self-efficacy responses and associated level, but revealed a perceptual difference of gender disparity in the personal comments and responses. Additionally, an independent t-test demonstrated collegiate aviation students have statistically significant higher self-efficacy than the generalized American adult population at 95% confidence level.



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