Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research





Key words

game user experience satisfaction scale (GUESS), game-based virtual reality, task load index (TLX), satellite ground control operations, spaceflight education and training, system usability scale (SUS)


Game-based instruction and immersive virtual reality are enhanced pedagogical methods beneficial in training environments involving complex disciplines, ranging from medical applications to construction engineering technology. This study investigated the use of game-based virtual reality (GBVR) when applied to the complex field of spaceflight education and training. As modern society places increasing demand on space-based amenities, the need for proficient satellite operators will also increase, requiring more accessible and advanced training options. Satellite ground control training scenarios, immersed in the GBVR environment, were developed and deployed to university student participants. Multiple validated scales were employed to measure the GBVR system regarding three main attributes: system usability, workload suitability, and user experience. Results revealed that the GBVR system usability scores ranked above average on the System Usability Scale (SUS). Secondly, the workload suitability ranked within the accepted mean value range of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Task Load Index (TLX). And lastly, the user experience scores were similar to popular video game scores on the Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS-18). Even with a small sample size (n = 10), the findings indicate that GBVR is a feasible tool when applied to a complex discipline such as spaceflight education and training.



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