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In theory, an ADSL router can provide an additional layer of security to a wired and wireless network through; access control, wireless encryption, firewall rule sets, and network event logging. An ADSL router may also contain the users’ usage habits and broadband account credentials. However, end-users may be unaware of the intricacies of the security measures available and the potentially confidential information stored on their device. As a result a second hand ADSL router may contain a wealth of user-specific information if not wiped and disposed of in a secure manner. This paper shows the data that was acquired from a selection of second hand ADSL routers purchased during the first quarter of 2011. From the data acquired and analysed, individuals are not removing their personally identifiable information and are leaving confidential data which may lead to detrimental outcomes if misused. The paper also shows that end-user applied security on these devices was alarmingly low. Thus many consumers may fall victim to new and emergent Internet based crimes if the full security capabilities of their ADSL router are not applied


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