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The Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (ADFSL)


Brett Shavers is a former law enforcement officer, a digital forensics examiner, an adjunct instructor, and a frequent speaker at many conferences. After writing his first book, titled Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard: Using Digital Forensics and Investigative Techniques to Identify Cybercrime Suspects, he co-wrote his 2nd book with Eric Zimmerman and Jimmy Weg, who is a knowledgeable technical editor. Both Brett and Eric are experts in cyber forensics, with many years of law enforcement experience at both the state and federal levels.


Shavers, B., and Zimmerman, E. (2013). The X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide. Waltham, MA: Syngress, 242 pages. ISBN: 978-0-12-411605-4. Print: US $50.90.



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