Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


As the world continues to change and threatening countries begin to develop weapons capable of reaching all corners of the Earth, it becomes necessary forU.S.to find new ways of protecting the sovereignty it its people and borders of its nation.

It is the purpose of this research to determine a more effective way of neutralizing ballistic missile warheads before they reenter Earth’s atmosphere and simulate a scenario showing this possibility in action.

The ballistic missile code is written in MATLAB and initialized in the Entry Analysis Tool for Exploration Missions (EATEM). EATEM is a tool originally designed for the analysis of a Lander entering Martian atmosphere. It was designed by Shaun Deacon in the pursuit of his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering atEmbry-RiddleAeronauticalUniversity.

The ballistic missile scenario is designed to show how a ballistic missile may be used to intercept an opposing ballistic missile. The intercept missile will launch a few minutes after the hostile launch has been detected and will initiate an intercept trajectory as it ascends through the atmosphere and into orbit.



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