Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


In order to design a composite system specific for a particular mission, it is necessary to perform a materials trade study and structural analysis first. Through the use of software such as: Analam, 6strut, and Strut Design Tool the best material makeup can be identified. Then, by using Patran, MSC Nastran and Sigmax a finite element model based on a real structure can be set up and used to find stresses and margins of safety as well as modal frequencies. The results of this analysis are that the structure’s first mode was found at 20.41 Hz. The lowest margin of safety in the composite skins was found to be 2.6180, which indicates no failure and room for improvement. Also, forces in the struts of the kinematic mount were found and compared to a rough analysis from 6strut. The max force from sigmax in any of the struts was found to be 612.0 lbs and for its given loading pattern had a percent deviation from what 6strut expected for said strut of 57.29%.



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