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Generation of Turbulence Near Reconnection Sites in the Magnetosphere

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In Person Meeting Talk


Dayside Science

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10-5-2022 5:30 PM


Magnetic reconnection plays an important role in explosive phenomena in magnetized plasmas such as solar flares and substorms. It converts magnetic energy efficiently to plasma particles, and the reconnection site has many free energy sources for waves. They are very important for understanding the reconnection process and turbulence. Many wave modes associated with magnetic reconnection have been observed at the magnetopause /magnetotail region and also, reported by simulation analysis. we will discuss a wave modes physics to explain localized structures, turbulence and associated power law in the magnetic reconnection site of magnetosphere regimes. They may contribute significantly to the energy dissipation and particle acceleration/heating occurring during the reconnection process. The present work deals with the nonlinear evolution of KAW and a weak whistler wave through the pre-existing magnetic reconnection site. For this study the dynamical evolution equations are derived by taking into account the ponderomotive force driven density modification and magnetic field fluctuations due to shear field modelled by the Harris sheet. Furthermore, these equations have been solved numerically as well as semi- analytically. For numerical integrations we have used the pseudospectral method and finite difference method and for semi-analytically Runge Kutta method. Simulated results have shown the evolution of coherent structures , which are capable to energy transfer efficiently. At a later time the chaotic structures arise in this reconnection site. This gives the signature of turbulence generation. Therefore, the magnetic power spectrum with scaling is also presented here their relevance with the observed spectrum is also pointed out.


May 10th, 5:30 PM

Generation of Turbulence Near Reconnection Sites in the Magnetosphere