Established Programs to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

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Applications were distributed and the scoring process was described. Each application received three completed reviews. The total score was then computed and applications were ranked in based on the total score. Brent Bowen abstained from voting on the entire undergraduate process. The committee agreed that in the event of a tie, the decision will be made by a higher level authority. Lincoln engineering student applications were deferred to the UNL competition.

Michaela Schaaf presented the underrepresented scholarship procedures for approval by the committee. The scholarship was advertised to all high school liaisons as a new scholarship which all students are eligible for, but preference will be given to underrepresented minorities. A summer research internship will be provided to a student who has typically completed their junior year. Upon successful completion of the internship and satisfactory academic performance, a four-year tuition and fees scholarship will be awarded to UNO for the aviation or space related field. The committee approved the process. (UNO's Aviation Institute will contribute an out-of-state tuition waiver each year when applicable. Approved Dec. 16, 1996)

The committee approved a new policy under which research scholars will not accumulate more than two weeks of time owed to a project. This will ensure that students do not have too large a load at the end of the semester. If no research work is available, the award will be reallocated.

The committee approved the following travel grants as awarded. Fred Hansen, Graduate Student, awarded to attend the FAA Explosives Detection Technology and Aviation Security Technology Convention from Year 5 funds. Becky Lutte, Aviation Institute, awarded to attend the Global Aviation Safety and Security Conference from year 5 funds. Peter Suzuki, Urban Studies, awarded to attend the Transportation Research Board Meeting from year 5 funds. Willa Bruce, Public Administration, awarded to attend the Society for Practical and Professional Ethics Annual Conference and to present her Space Grant research paper from year 6 funds.

The following students were awarded as a result of the review committee=s ranking. Further details of the committee=s ranking are available from the Nebraska Space Grant and EPSCoR Office if necessary.

(These are not in any specific order.)

  • Under represented Research: Darnetta Sanders (H.S. Senior) and Jacquelyn Jones (H.S. Junior)
  • Undergraduate Research: John Carrico, Shadric Thomas, Joe Bell and Lyle Jones
  • Undergraduate Course Work: Ben McPeck, Mary Schaffart
  • Undergraduate Flight: Antonia Krajicek
  • Graduate Research: Becky Lutte, Fred Hansen, Amanda Talmadge, Duane Boyle, Scott Vlasek, Alicia Martin and Aimee Freeman, Tim Gleason, Jr.
  • Graduate Course Work: John Papazafiropoulos, June Evans, Mike Turner, Ron Bojanski, Steve Morrissette


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Brent Bowen and Hank Lehrer were not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when these minutes were produced.