The Aircraft Carrier, an American warship, protecting our seas since 1922. There's a very small percentage of the population that has had the joy of experiencing this magnificent ship during its operation. This short creative nonfiction piece will take you through what a day is like, from waking up and going through the daily routine to being feet from the exhaust of Americas most powerful fighter jets sitting at the ready, waiting to be launched off of the front of the ship. The sacrifices of some to protect the many, life in the United States Navy.


My name is David Blue, I live with my wife of 15 years, our two boys, Zac who is 9 and Alex who is 6, and our two Great Danes Dixie and Bruno just outside of St. Louis, Mo. I was active-duty Navy for 8 short years and decided to separate when we had our first child as I knew a lot of people who regretted missing out on their children’s lives while being on active duty. Although I wouldn’t change anything, I do miss being in the Navy. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle so I can further my career at Boeing in St. Louis. Being with my family and doing whatever I can to support them means everything to me. Every day is a new and exciting adventure.



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