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Jon Lars Syversen is Senior Psychologist and Chairman of the Board in Hucon Global AS, and for almost 30 years also Director of Scandinavian Institute of Aviation Psychology, SIAP Norway. He has worked as an advisor and consultant delivering assessments, selection, training and leadership development for a wide range of organizations in risk-sensitive industries and the military. His main activity has been selection to flying training schools, helicopter companies and airlines like SAS and Thai Airways International.

Together with SAS Captain Tor Henrik Krokstad he started Hucon Global Ltd in 2010. They share experiences from CRM and Commander training, and also the idea that training and assessment of non-technical skills should be more closely integrated to those of technical and operative skills.

To this end they have developed the “Integrated Assessment Program” – IAP. IAP is a philosophy and approach to training, and it is a tool that now is fully implemented in the leading offshore helicopter company Bristow Norway, employing about 300 pilots. IAP is also used in maritime training and an adapted version is presently being tested for assessment of trauma team performance at George Washington University Hospital.

Hucon Global AS (Norway) is an industrial partner to ERAU in the COE TTHP/FAA Project. In parallel they also have an ongoing project with ERAU regarding assessment methodology and training of ATC’s.

This presentation shows how the objectives of “Evidence-based training”, as recommended by ICAO, EASA and IATA, can be achieved while focusing on learning both for the trainee and for the training organization.