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Dr. Mary Niemczyk is an Associate professor in the Aviation programs at Arizona State University. Before joining the Aviation faculty, Dr. Niemczyk earned her PhD in Learning & Instructional Technology at ASU. She has also worked as a financial analyst at a major US carrier and co-founded an aviation human performance company, which mostly focused on determining the best instructional methods for training pilots on technologically advanced aircraft. Additionally, Dr. Niemczyk is an FAA certified pilot.

Dr. Niemczyk’s research interests center on improving instructional and learning strategies to enhance the performance of individuals in complex, ill-defined environments, such as aviation. Her work also focuses on determining the best attributes, knowledge and skills that can lead to successful performance in aviation training and job performance, as well as how to incorporate and effectively utilize the talents of the Millennial generation in the Aviation industry. The results of her research have been widely published in peer-reviewed aviation and education journals.

As a faculty member at ASU, Dr. Niemczyk has taught 13 different aviation courses, and developed three new courses. Because of her background in learning and instruction, Dr. Niemczyk is often invited by University’s to conduct external reviews of their Aviation programs. She also serves as a Visiting Team Chair for the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) and has served as an Educator Trustee on the AABI Board. Dr. Niemczyk is also a past-president of the University Aviation Association (UAA).

In addition, Dr. Niemczyk founded Mastering Learning, which provides faculty and students resources to improve instruction and learning. Two such resources are her handbook, Using Your Brain to Learn: Strategies for Success, and ebook How to Study in College: Proven Strategies for Success. Dr. Niemczyk regularly conducts workshops on learning, instruction and performance improvement for industry, faculty, students and parents.

Most recently, Dr. Niemczyk co-founded boxxed, an organization which provides solutions for improving workplace performance by bridging the gap between generational cohorts.