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Past 2021 Champion: Lear, Ashley

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Ashley Lear


Ashley Lear has been an early adopter, active partner, and champion of OER and textbook affordability since the earliest stages of the OER initiative on Daytona Beach campus. She takes an active role in finding OER and low-cost options for as many of her courses as possible. She also readily adopts open texts that are designed to provide a deeper learning experience, such as the freely available and multimedia rich Frankenbook edition of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. She thoughtfully considers student costs by leveraging library resources, curating 11 coursepacks in Scholarly Commons, and adopting openly licensed materials and textbooks.


Daytona Beach


Professor, Humanities and Communication

Courses Impacted

  • COM 122
  • HON 250
  • HON 350
  • HU 142
  • HU 300
  • HU 310
  • HU 338

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Past 2021 Champion: Lear, Ashley