2022 Champion: Halawi, Leila

Presenter Information

Leila Halawi


Dr. Leila Halawi is an associate professor with the College of Aeronautics, Department of Graduate Studies, Worldwide Campus. At Embry-Riddle, Dr. Halawi has helped developed the MMIS curriculum, including a significant part of the course content for the program. She has earned numerous certifications and awards in her field, such as being the recipient of the SAS 2020 Emerging Educator Award Recipient and Peer Reviewer Extraordinaire with MERLOT, one of the most established OER repositories




Associate Professor, College of Aeronautics; Program Coordinator, MS in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability Department Department of Graduate Studies College College of Aeronautics

Courses Impacted

  • AASI 610
  • AASI 620
  • AASI 600
  • AASI 605
  • AASI 635
  • AASI 691

When did you start using OER?

I've been with ERAU since 2014, for all the courses that i developed, i transform the course to use low or no cost textbooks.

Why did you adopt OER?

I know that some students always struggle with the rising tuition costs. They may pay over $1200 per year for their books too. I try to use textbooks available through our Hunt Library most of the time. I help by choosing affordable books that reduce their expenses while still offering a quality learning experience. This can greatly benefit students, especially in difficult economic times and this pandemic.

Why are affordable textbooks and/or OER important?

OER taps and supports one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (Goal 4 – quality education goal). OER increases student learning while breaking down barriers of affordability and accessibility. When adopting expensive books, some students either drop or skip the class or do not purchase the book. Some students report problems with financial aid that delay the purchase. Affordable books or OER resources remove price barriers

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2022 Champion: Halawi, Leila