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2023 Champion: Leishman, Gordon

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Gordon Leishman


Dr. J. Gordon Leishman, Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, was awarded the first Open Textbook Initiative Grant from CTLE to develop Introduction to Aerospace Flight Vehicles for AE 201. This entry course for the Aerospace Engineering program previously cost students up to $300 in course materials, with at least 400 students taking the course each academic year. The open-access textbook will save ERAU students approximately $120,000 annually and be available to students around the globe at no cost. It is also specifically tailored to prepare students for ERAU’s rigorous AE curriculum. Introduction to Aerospace Flight Vehicles is his third textbook, but his first OER. Due to the open nature of the project, many students became integral to building the content and presentation of the book (including the cover), increasing student engagement and resulting in an attractive, interactive, and comprehensive book built on evidence-based teaching practices.


Daytona Beach


Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Courses Impacted

  • AE 201



2023 Champion: Leishman, Gordon