Event Title

2023 Champion: Ferner, Jeff

Presenter Information

Jeff Ferner


Jeff Ferner‘s staff position with Embry-Riddle is Associate Director of Academic Technology Systems. In this role Jeff performs data analysis and system administration responsibilities, primarily with the Worldwide campus. Examples of his work include an early warning dashboard to identify students who are at risk, a dashboard that aggregates data for academic assessment reporting, and more recently Jeff has been working with the Power Automate software to streamline various manual business processes. Jeff has also been teaching as an adjunct with the University for over 25 years. His current appointment is with Worldwide’s College of Arts and Sciences as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. He is the course developer for CSCI 109, Introduction to Computers and Applications, which uses a free textbook for students.




Associate Director of Academic Technology Systems

Courses Impacted

  • CSCI 109

Estimated Savings

Between 1.4 and 2.8 million over the last 9 years, impacting over 17,000 students.



2023 Champion: Ferner, Jeff