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2023 Champion: Zhan, Hong

Presenter Information

Hong Zhan


Dr. Hong Zhan is an active creator of Open Educational Resources, utilizing various apps and technology tools. For her course, LCH 209 (Introduction to Computer Communication and Applications with the Chinese Language), she authored a textbook and workbook and made them available free of charge to her students. In addition, she enhances each class with multimedia learning materials using platforms like Canvas Studio, Nearpod, Quizlet, and Eagle Mandarin (an app she co-developed with Professor Heather Marriott). Not only are Dr. Zhan's resources accessible to her own students, but they are also available to learners of Chinese language at other universities throughout the United States.




Professor of Asian Studies

Courses Impacted

  • LCH 103
  • LCH 203
  • LCH 209
  • LCH 302
  • LCH 303



2023 Champion: Zhan, Hong