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2023 Champion: Jones, Preston

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Preston Jones


Preston Jones has been using open access textbooks since 2007 when available. These offerings have evolved to the point that the open access textbooks are generally the most up to date and often the best written textbooks available. He adopted OpenStax textbooks at Embry Riddle beginning in 2014. OpenStax textbooks are available for both trigonometry and calculus based introductory mechanics, electromagnetism, and modern physics. OpenStax textbooks are also available in most introductory sciences and mathematics. He has also adopted an exceptional good open access textbook for a two-semester sequence in advanced classical mechanics. Course offering at Embry Riddle include, PS 113, 117, 150, 160, 161, 250, 321, and 322. In PS 303 modern physics reduced cost online access to the textbook is offered with the required LMS WebAssign through Cengage.




Associate Professor of Physics

Courses Impacted

  • PS 133
  • PS 117



2023 Champion: Jones, Preston