Guayaquil, the city of the river and the estuary, has become the principal gateway to Ecuador due to its connectivity, excellent weather all year round, and its attractive and diverse tourist offer. With its beautiful sidewalks, its beautiful landscapes and incredible nature continues to incorporate more spaces dedicated to history, culture, entertainment, and gastronomy. The National Cocoa Museum has just been inaugurated, the iconic Panama Street where cocoa was dried, is today one of the favorite places of locals and foreigners.

Guayaquil has EVERYTHING to live the greatest experiences, an open city to explore it, to enjoy it, to discover it at all times, having as our best characteristic the joy, warmth and hospitality of our people.

6 Reasons to visit Guayaquil
Connectivity: Guayaquil has the best international airport of South America, which has been awarded several times by international entities in recognition of its excellent quality.

Diversity of venues, convention space and infrastructure: Guayaquil has the largest Convention Center of Ecuador, and there are more than 160 closed or open-air meeting rooms in the city provides an area of approximately 36.000 m2 for events.

High quality hotel infrastructure: Guayaquil has a hotel capacity of more than 3.000 rooms distributed in 5 and 4 stars hotels located strategically near the airport.

Gastronomy with identity: There are more than 200 popular and traditional restaurants that are known as “Huecas” where visitors can taste a great variety of traditional dishes from Guayaquil cuisine such as “encebollado” (hot fish dish), “caldo de salchicha” (sausage soup), ceviche (citrus- marinated seafood), among others.

Rural tourism and nature: The rural areas are located just one hour away from Guayaquil, and they offer a touristic experience based on nature, adventure and agriculture. You can observe birds dolphins, practice hiking and mountain biking, or visit agrotouristic farms.

Smart city: Guayaquil has an excellent free internet connectivity with 9.000 wifi spots located in different touristic areas of the city. These facilities allow the visitors to connect with the world in real time.