Advisor Name

Rick Gibson


Aviation Business Administration


The purpose of this project was to assist Professor Gibson and the Business Department in the planning and execution of the annual visit of the Business Industry Advisory Board (BIAB). My task was to generate forms that can be used in future years to assist in planning and carry out of the event. The project will aid in minimizing time and maximizing efficiency in future years. In order to create a finalized product, I used project management tools and analysis of past years’ events in an attempt to come up with a simple, but thorough checklist that engulfs all aspects of the planning. Although there will always be conflicts that arise during the planning and especially execution of the event, the developed lists and tools will aid in minimizing time spent fighting fires and maximizing proactivity. The project required work before, during, and after the event in order to make a complete and comprehensive list for future years. Personally working on the planning and execution of the event assisted greatly in coming up with a finalized product that will aid in the successful turnout of the annual BIAB visits.

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Publication/Presentation Date

Spring 2015