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The Titan Moon Sonata is a programmatic sonata for tuba and piano in three movements. Each movement depicts a scenario related to Saturn’s giant moon, Titan. The form of each movement is through-composed and based on cinematic scene-form. In other words, each movement functions like the soundtrack to a scene from a film. Titan Moon Sonata was composed during the summer of 2014.

The first movement depicts an imaginary voyage that starts on the shores of Titan’s great methane lake, Kraken Mare. As the movement progresses, the musical scene depicts the waves and the turbulent ride to the lake bottom via submarine. The second movement depicts a space shuttle voyage from the surface of Titan to the rings of Saturn. The opening rockiness of takeoff gives way to the excitement of space-travel. This movement ends with a musical depiction of the grandeur of the rings up-close. The third movement depicts the daily eclipse cycle on Titan. It begins with sunrise before the giant Saturn eclipses the sun from Titan’s view. The movement ends with the sunset after the eclipse.

This performance of the Titan Moon Sonata features Embry-Riddle's Curtis Peacock on Tuba, and Christina Robertson on piano. Permission to post this recording in Scholarly Commons was given by the publisher, Potenza Music Publishing.

Additional Information

Curtis Peacock would like to thank Potenza Music Publishing for granting permission to post this recording of the Titan Moon Sonata in Scholarly Commons.

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