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Spring 4-28-2008


"Because climate and vegetation are so strongly associated, it is assumed that the forecast rapid changes in climate will affect plant distributions and alter the makeup of forest communities. For example, climate change could cause regional wind patterns to shift, which would be accompanied by an increase in wind speed intensity. Such shifts could impact existing rain shadow effects in some regions causing more precipitation on the windward side of mountain ranges while creating even drier conditions on the leeward sides. Fire patterns are likely to be altered as well, which could affect a variety of plant species, even those that are fire resistant or require the presence of fire to regenerate. History has shown that most species respond individually to climatic change and not as communities. Those individuals that have the ability to migrate likely will do so, resulting in a number of new associations. In addition to differences in migration rates, community types will be altered and new associations will be created due to changes in disturbance regimes and competition..."--Introduction.


Orlando, Florida

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