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The purpose of this research study was twofold: 1) to explore if a university’s Master of Science in Project Management students’ MBTI® personalities differ significantly; 2) to gain a better understanding if the MBTI® personality traits of university students enrolled in a project management degree differ significantly from those MBTI® personalities of the general population. The goodness of fit test was used in order to test the hypotheses that the 177 graduate project management students (observed data) have the same MBTI® distribution as in the general population (expected data). Overall, the present study showed that the student population has 27.18% fewer SF classifications than the general population and 15.99% more NT and 19.15% more ST classifications than the general population. In addition, the study revealed 10.65% fewer extroverts (EJ) and 10.39% more introverts (IJ) than the general population. To determine whether there is a significant difference between the Master of Project Management students’ MBTI® distribution, a goodness of fit test was conducted at the .05 level of significance. Based on results, it can be concluded that the MBTI® categories are not equally distributed among the project management students sampled in the study.

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The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning


Kai Wang and P.Y. Gloria Wang