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“Introduction to Computing for Engineers” is a programming course emphasizing problem solving. However, the lack of time for practice and the algorithm-centric nature of programming results in inadequate comprehension of this course material. Through course evaluations, faculty experience, and discussions, we feel that students in a programming course should have more time for “hands-on” learning, rather than trying to absorb content through lectures. We believe that by getting students involved and excited about engineering from the beginning of their first year, we will markedly improve comprehension of the course content. To that end, a hybrid course is implemented that involves the creation and implementation of online activities, incorporating student- paced active learning and evaluation modules and in-class student implementation/demonstration. The objective is to enhance student involvement in the learning process, as well as to improve interest and retention in engineering.


Charleston, South Carolina

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Sun, L., Kindy, M., Liron, C., "The Path of Innovation: from Traditional Classroom to Hybrid Experience," ASEE SE Section Annual Conference, Charleston, SC, April 10-12, 2011.