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This paper describes a design and implementation of a NSF sponsored project in 2015. This study will test the hypothesis that the use of cognitive frameworks in second language acquisition for the development of a blended learning of programming languages can improve engagement and the learning experience of engineering students. Using this approach will place greater emphasis on problem solving techniques that can be utilized in all courses. The online module consists of a series of short videos (10-20 minutes), online quizzes with tiered questions, and topic specified discussion board led by student researchers. Students’ demographic data, course-related behaviors such as usage of the instructional videos and discussion board, student performance such as quizzes and exams, and attitude toward the class will be compared across students in the experimental groups, and control groups to determine if student performance, behavior and attitudes vary across classrooms employing different teaching strategies.


New Orleans, Louisiana

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Sun, L., Frederick, C., Espejo, P.S., & Cunningham, R.M., "Can We Teach a Programming Language as a Second Language?" ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 26-29, 2016.