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Aviation connects the global community and is moving more people and payloads faster than ever. The next decade will experience an increase in manned and unmanned aircraft and systems with new features and unprecedented applications. Cybertechnologies—including software, computer networks, and information technology—are critical and fundamental to these advances in meeting the needs of the aviation ecosystem of aircraft, pilots, personnel, passengers, stakeholders, and society. This article discusses current and evolving threats as well as opportunities for applied research to improve the global cybersecurity stance in the aviation and connected transportation industry of tomorrow.

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TR News


Transportation Research Board

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From Haass, J. C., K. Sampigethaya, and V. Capezzuto. Aviation and Cybersecurity: Opportunities for Applied Research. TR News, No. 304, July–August 2016, pp. 39–43. Copyright, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., 2016. Reproduced with permission of the Transportation Research Board. None of this material may be presented to imply endorsement by TRB of a product, method, practice, or policy.