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Applied Aviation Sciences

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Conference Proceeding

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Fall 9-29-2016


The objective of this research was to analyze the marketing and economic outcomes and benefits from the dissemination of the data from the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) ( over the past 27 years, including the newer distributive avenues such as social media and open access venues online. Industry standards are set by the AQR, providing consumers and industry watchers objective performance-based data to compare performance quality among different U.S. airlines. The AQR weighted average formula highlights criteria including baggage handling, customer complaints, denied boarding and on-time arrivals. The scholarly publication of the AQR was first released in 1991; the authors were interviewed on Good Morning America, gaining national media attention for the authors as well as their university. The annual media release of this report grew in reputation over the first three years to a national media event as a valid rating/ranking of the major airlines’ quality; this was validated by an advertising value of over two million dollars. In 2016, the release of the AQR report reached over 1.2 billion people globally, with an advertising and publicity value of twelve million dollars. Today, faculty members can and should utilize the newer distributive platforms for dissemination of their research and scholarly works; some examples of these avenues include: (1) research and scholarly publications being uploaded to Google Scholar for scholarly as well as general public use, (2) taking advantage of social media’s global market, (3) utilizing media venues, including media releases, (4) using online open-access repositories for scholarship submissions. The dissemination of data from the AQR is just one example of the limitless topics that could be applied to other scholarship efforts, benefitting faculty members and their associated universities by effectively leveraging the distribution of their research and associated publications beyond only being published as an obscure journal article.


Omaha, Nebraska