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We propose a multiple perspectives assessment model for community engagement. The assessment model was developed for a service-learning project. The multiple perspectives included in the model were those from the community partner, the faculty member, students, and the associate director from the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). The model assessed the effectiveness of the service-learning project using qualitative reflections and quantitative data. Assessment from each perspective produced positive results in the improvement areas of assignment instructions, pedagogy, process, and deliverables. Generalizability may be limited because this project is ongoing with the same representatives from the community partner, CTLE, and the faculty.

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The Florida Communication Journal


Florida Communication Association

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Blomstrom, S. A., Hayford, B., Mumpower, L., & Bobinsky, A. (2016). Multiple Perspectives Community Engagement Assessment Model. Florida Communication Journal, 44(1).

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