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Soil and sediment samples obtained from Orange MR dye contaminated habitat were screened for heterotrophic bacterial population. The heterotrophic bacterial density of dye-contaminated soil was 2.14 9 106 CFU/g. The generic composition of heterotrophic bacterial population was primarily composed of 10% of Proteus sp., 15% Aeromonas sp., 20% Bacillus sp., 25% Pseudomonas sp. and 30% Micrococcus sp. The bacterial strain that decolorized the azo dye Orange MR up to 900 ppm was identified as Micrococcus sp. The optimum inoculum load, pH and temperature were found to be 5%, 6 and 35°C, respectively. The rate of decolorization was assessed using spectrophotometer at 530 nm and the percentage of decolorization was ascertained. The autochthonous bacterial isolate was able to utilize the dye as both nitrogen and carbon source.

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Indian Journal of Microbiology



Springer India