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This scientific paper examines the feasibility of officiating biofuels as the future chief energy source of the world. It weighs the pros and cons of the four different generations of biofuels that have been discovered over time, explaining how the raw materials used in each generation determines each individual level of long-term sustainability. It then further analyses both general advantages and disadvantages, comprising of economic, social, health and environmental impacts; giving the reader an unbiased perspective. Few case studies have also been reviewed to better understand the implications of drawing energy from biofuels, as well as the current state of technology that were utilized in this examples. With the countries at varying stages of development, certain generation of biofuel would inevitably be deemed more feasible than others. Recommendations have been made regarding which generation of biofuel would be most efficient and environmentally friendly in the long run. Biofuels in general, are the lesser of two evils. Negative impacts are inevitable, but one has to eventually take the bigger picture into consideration - a more sustainable source of energy as compared to fossil fuels.

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International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology


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