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Uncontaminated and Vat blue 4 contaminated soil were screened for heterotrophic bacterial population and the bacterial density were found to be 19.3 X 104 and 5.5 X 104 CFU/gm respectively. The bacterial genera of dye contaminated soil was dominated by Pseudomonas sp. (32.5 %) followed by Bacillus sp. (27.5 %), Aeromonas sp. (15.0 %), Micrococcus sp. (12.5 %) and Achromobacter sp. (12.5 %). The optimum inoculums load, pH and temperature were found to be 5%, 7 and 35oC respectively. The initial pH of the effluent prepared using Vat Blue 4 was 8.5. The free cells of P. aeruginosa reduced the pH to 7.44 after 24 hours of treatment. The values of TDS, BOD5, COD and colour removal of Vat Blue 4 were reduced up to 62.21, 89.00, 87.95, and 95.00 % respectively by P. aeruginosa.

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International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research


Bio IT International Journals