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An evaluation rubric was developed to assess instructional technology tools used within online business programs to enhance learner engagement and content presentation skills. The evaluation was designed to determine if the instructional technology within the lesson helped to engage the learner, impact the assessment of outcomes, and improve the ability to present the content of the learning material. In this case study example, an instructional lesson was developed to instruct learners in creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using a project management software tool. This lesson was designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less. Step-by-step guides for obtaining a free copy of the project software application and creation of a WBS, including a visual example of a finished WBS, were built into this lesson. The lesson also included performance objective alignment to support future analysis of student performance across all courses in which this lesson existed within the Learning Management System (LMS). This evaluation rubric was built into the LMS for the evaluation team (n= 69) and yielded highly positive results of the training lesson across five categories of evaluation: (a) Technology Use (24.05/25), (b) Learner Engagement (19.05/20), (c) Goals and Objectives (19/20), (d) Assessment Value (19.05/20, and (e) Content Presentation (14.05/15). The rubric is one form of evaluation to address assessment elements within courseware development and will be validated in future research projects.

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Intersection of Assessment and Learning


Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education