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  • Letter From Leadership: Maj Mirmirani highlights the accelerated growth of Embry-Riddle’s research endeavors.
  • Capsules: Sending T-Cells Into Space • The Audacity of New Ideas • The Flying Car Becomes a Reality • When the Earth Rings • Keeping Gas Turbines Healthy
  • Coming Soon: The Flying Car
  • What Makes a Safe Pilot? At the Robertson Safety Institute, Erin Bowen dives deep into “aviation culture” to track changes in group thinking.
  • Tackling Tornado Alley: Drone-based augmented reality software can help emergency teams find roads, bridges and victims when disaster strikes.
  • Space Prospectors: The next frontier for aerospace researchers? Developing spacecraft to explore asteroids for natural resources.
  • Closing Threat Windows: Researchers at Embry-Riddle are helping doctors address the workflow disruptions that can affect patient care.
  • Innovators - Wrestling With the Elements: Irradiated wildlife on Earth could help researchers like Karen Gaines understand the effects of radiation in space.
  • Innovators - The Sky's No Limit: Brent Terwilliger’s expertise will help define best practices for the safe operation of future unmanned aerial systems.
  • Q&A - Safety Net: The Hacker Lab offers students hands-on experience fighting cyberattacks.
  • Final Approach - Centered on Safety: Embry-Riddle’s ASSURE drives research to advance the safety of unmanned aircraft systems.


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