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Spring 4-6-2016


Kirt Costello

Dr. Kirt Costello is the International Space Station (ISS) Deputy Chief Scientist. In this position he works with the ISS Chief Scientist, ISS Program Manager and Research Integration Office manager to advise on the objectives and priorities of science being prepared to fly to the space station and to communicate those objectives to the public. Prior to joining the ISS Program, Dr. Costello was a Mission Operations Lead, an International Space Station Training Lead, and a power and thermal systems instructor. Dr. Costello led the crew and mission training for the ISS 12A.1 and 1J assembly missions. Kirt Costello completed a Ph.D. in Space Physics and Astronomy at Rice University in 1998 where his research was focused on the application of artificial intelligence to the prediction of solar wind transport and the global response to space weather disturbances.