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Creation Date

Spring 4-28-2016


Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel is a technology and creative entertainment professional with over 10 years of experience in leadership roles, software development, sales and creative production. He serves as president of Phyken Media a full service video game production studio housing artists, designers and developers with active work building digital experiences for NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. As Director of Innovation at Fattmerchant, a local Orlando payment tech he build resources for efficiency and strategic partnerships. As cofounder of Indienomicon, the largest community organization for game studios in the South East US, he helped to grow local community talent from 6 studios in 2013 to 40+ by 2016 sparking economic development and structure around talent. In 2015 cofounded Indie Galactic Space Jam, a successful annual collaborative event between the Orlando Games Industry and the Space industries to rapidly prototype games that drive excitement for space travel and exploration. His latest venture is the Orlando Game Space a collaborative game co-working facility to provide resources to indie game developers and robust professional services in Games, Digital Media, VR, AR Development to the marketplace.