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Ahmed Alhelal has worked extensively in the fields of manufacturing and strength of materials for the past decade. In 2007, he received recognition during an international exposition in Durban, South Africa where he presented a threat-detection system for surveillance which could be used for various space exploration activities; such as building and construction, research, development and launches.

Mr. Alhelal has also worked global manufacturers, Japanese Akebono Brake Corporation, where he assisted with the improvement of their system logistics of conveyors belts.

He has presented at the 2018 Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) in Long Beach, California. This conference is exclusive to advanced materials and processes.

Mr. Alhelal is currently conducting ongoing research with developing 3-D printed nanocarbon/epoxy polymer composites and fabricating crystalline carbon-infused epoxy composite moldings from recycled carbon material spent coffee grounds at Tuskegee University - Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM) in Alabama under the advisement of Dr. Vijay Rangari. Mr. Alhelal is from Saudi Arabia.