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After graduating from the University of Virginia with an Electrical Engineering degree in 1960, the Air Force trained Bob to be a meteorologist supporting missile and aircraft operations. He left Air Force active duty and joined NASA at KSC in 1964 as a spacecraft systems engineer for the Gemini and Apollo programs. After Apollo he moved on to the Space Shuttle program where he was Launch Director for over 50 space shuttle missions before retiring in 1999 as KSC Director of Shuttle Processing. After retirement he has served on many NASA review boards and is currently a member of the NASA Advisory Council and the Spacex Safety Panel.

He has been a board member and volunteers in many nonprofit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Astronaut Memorial Foundation, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, NASA Alumni League, and American Space Museum.

Bob lives in Melbourne, Florida. He enjoys his children and grandchildren who also live in Central Florida. Along with volunteer work, he is active in SCUBA diving, sports car events and ballroom dancing.